Mastering Async JavaScript

An introduction to JavaScript Promises & async/await

Build an unassailable understanding of JavaScript's callbacks, promises and async/await syntax over the course of 47 live examples and exercises.

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If you’ve written code without async/await, then you know that JavaScript has a habit of putting developers through callback hell. Sure, the introduction of promises and fat-arrow functions has lowered hell’s temperature, but there’s never been a way to truly escape callbacks in real-world code. Until now.

JavaScript is changing again. With the advent of ES2017, two new keywords have been introduced: async and await. And boy oh boy are they gonna knock your socks off.

With async and await, it’s now possible to write real-world JavaScript without touching a single callback. But there’s a catch: you still need to understand callbacks and promises to do it. And there’s never been a better time to learn!

In modern JavaScript, promises and async/await have gone mainstream:

  • Webpack makes code-splitting simple, using promises.
  • Browsers have an in-built fetch() function, and you can await the result.
  • React is releasing its long awaited Suspense feature, using promises.

If you’re not yet 100% confident with async JavaScript, you need to get there quick smart. And there’s no better way to do it than with Mastering Async JavaScript.

This course will take you on a journey through asynchronous JavaScript starting with its callback-based fundamentals, then moving on to the modern world of Promises and async/await. Along the way, you’ll work through 47 interactive examples and exercises. And the best part?

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