Get the source for a live server-rendered app, using React, Firebase, Styled Components and Stripe.


Vouch is a real, live app; it’s a large codebase undergoing constant updates. If you wanted to build something like this from scratch, it would take a quite some sweat and tears. Luckily, you don’t have to build it from scratch, because the full source is available right here. All you need to get access is to join Frontend Armory Pro.

Unlock The Source

Naturally, it’s built from the ground up with modern tech, including:

  • React Hooks
  • Styled Components
  • Create React App
  • Firebase Functions
  • a whole lot more

Vouch is still in active development, but it already has working implementations of the following:

  • Working payments
  • Server rendering
  • Authentication
  • Onboarding flow
  • Responsive layout

Want to learn to make your own bacon-making app? Then head on over to my React, Firebase & Bacon course, where I’ll be gradually walking you through the entire codebase — from npm init to payments.


About James

Hi! I've been playing with JavaScript for over half my life, and am building Frontend Armory to help share what I've learned along the way!

Tokyo, Japan