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Do you just want to launch a modern monetized web app? Or do you actually want to understand how the darn thing works?

In this course, you'll become a master of both the how and the why, as you build a bacon-making app from the ground up — with Firebase, Stripe, and React.

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#A Means To Bacon

So Bacon, of course, is a metaphor for money. But what does Bacon (money) have to do with React? Why React and Bacon?

You know, I like that you’re asking that question. It’s a good question. And my answer is going to make an assumption:

You’ve got better things to do than sit there writing code.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love writing code. I wouldn’t be sitting here writing unless I did. But if you’re anything like me, you’ve got other things that you love doing, too. And while writing code can be its own reward, it can also be a means to an end. A means to improving your finances and opening up time to do other things that you love. A means to bacon, if you will.

I’m assuming that you want to use React to make more money.

Maybe you want to level up your Frontend game to land that raise. Maybe you’ve just graduated, and you want to build a portfolio to help you land your first job. Or maybe you can’t stand jobs and you want to build your own app and take over the world. Regardless of your situation, there’s one thing that stays constant: if your app is making money, you will make money.

And if you want your app to make money, it better bloody well sell something.

#From npm init to your first sale.

So you want to build an app that sells stuff. But real-world apps are complicated. They require styles, authentication, routing, animations, data, payments, SEO, emails and tests — and that’s before you even consider product-specific features. Of course, you already know the fundamentals of React, so you’re off to a good start. But how do you take that knowledge and use it to start makin' bacon?

Well, given that you’re reading the landing page for a course called React & Baconthere’s hope on the horizon. In fact, as it turns out, the page that you’re reading is rendered with React, it contains <meta> tags for SEO and SMO, and if you join the course then you’ll see that it handle payments, too 😉. But hey, there are probably thousands of video courses out there that purport to teach practical React — so why join this one instead?

To start with, this course will walk you through the entire process of building your own subscription box website, from npm init to receiving your first payment — with new lessons released every week. But while that’ll get your app launched, the most valuable part of React & Bacon isn’t the in-depth articles, live exercises, or worked solutions. It’s that the course is designed to get you to master both the how and the why. And other than that… everything is better with bacon.

Curious yet? Then join me in the first free lesson on the journey to building a modern, monetized app with React and Firebase. Or if you’re ready to take the plunge and subscribe to the whole thing, then hit the Bacon button!

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#What you’ll build?

You’ll start with a fresh create-react-app project, and use it to build and deploy a simple landing page as a beachhead for your new business.

From this foundation, you’ll add features one-by-one until you’re the proud owner of a new subscription box website. Where you go from there is up to you — you could sell a monthly subscription to hats and flamethrowers, or you continue building and eventually take over the world!

All of the source for this app will be released for free under the GPL on the GitHub repository.

#Is this course for me?

If you want to gain a deeper understanding of how to design and build modern React apps, and enjoy learning through practical exercises, then this course is for you.

The course assumes that you’re already familiar with JavaScript and React’s basics, including async/await, elements, components, state, event handlers. If you’ve built a few things in React, then you’ll be ready to go. And if you need to do some revision, my React (without the buzzwords) and Mastering Async JavaScript courses are included with your subscription.

Before starting, you should also be familiar with simple command line utilities like ls and cd, and have node.js installed and ready to go. The course will take you from there - it covers everything from installing and using create-react-app to deploying your app to the web.

The course is perfect for:

  • Anyone wanting to understand the whys and hows of modern Frontend development
  • Teams who’ll benefit financially from improved speed and SEO
  • Web developers who want to transition their sites to React
  • Backend developers who want an introduction to Frontend development
  • Bootcamp graduates looking to build confidence with real world code
  • Anyone who wants to improve their JavaScript knowledge, and enjoys learning by doing.

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