An async-first router for React.

Just getting started?


The navi package contains Navi’s core functionality, and works with any other library or framework — including React, Vue, Express, Vanilla JS and even react-router!

# For defining pages and matching routes
npm install --save navi


The react-navi package provides a bunch of helpful React components.

# For components that integrate with React
npm install --save react-navi

For more details, check out the React integration guide »

The navi-scripts package facilitates SEO by generating static HTML for each of your app’s pages.

# For static site generation
npm install --save-dev navi-scripts

If you’re using create-react-app, setting up navi-scripts just takes a one line change in your package.json. To learn how, click through to the static rendering guide »

#Who uses Navi?


Navi is MIT licensed.